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As books are currently closed,

Here's some details for the upcoming bookings.


First of I am sorry but I have to delay the process of booking for last 4 months of the year and thank you for your understanding.

- throughout July I’ll be working on ideas for sleeves and multi-session (large) pieces, as well as smaller but challenging pieces I’d personally would like to do (my new wishlist). I’ll be posting those for priority bookings (right after scheduling work in progress continuation inquiries).

- also on August 6th I’ll be taking inquiries for the remainder of the year. Priority (month of September) I’d like to focus on work in progress, so if you have sleeve or large piece in works with me, ON THAT DATE please email me and mention the continuation.

- about a week afterwards I’ll be taking all other inquiries so please make sure to email me soon as books open for the above mentioned.


- I’ll be attending more tattoo conventions next year across the USA (and looks like couple in Europe). Priority of bookings for each will be the all-3-day booking inquiries (bless your heart for your strength), as well as the ones who choose artworks from my wishlist, as I’ll be doing my best for competition pieces.


- recently I don’t get any cancellations but if any are up, I post them in stories here on Insta and Facebook right away.


- no, your email inquiry was not lost. I’ll be going through them all in August 6th as well.


- also on August 6 will be my 6th anniversary of my tattooing feels like I’ve done it for way longer. Thank you once again for your patience, truly looking forward to take it to yet another step higher.



Books for January - August are


Please keep an eye open this summer for schedule open for Sept - Dec.

I will be booking my own concepts as well as scheduling continuation of work-in-progress as a priority, then all other inquiries will be replied to :) 

IWT guest spots countries
Nashville Iron Wings Tattoo

Quality of a detail,

special attention to the client's vision - turned into art

Iron Wings Tattoo 2021 a
Iron Wings Tattoo 2021



Iron Wings Tattoo is an independently owned, private tattoo artistry shop of InkIn Tattoo Cartridges and Tatty Stick Aftercare PRO TEAM member, focusing solely on the needs of a client.

Creative results are guaranteed, with its proprietor being more than just a tattoo artist, but also a college graduate of

Art, Art History, and Architecture.



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