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"Do I need to pay a deposit?"

Yes. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will hold your appointment, which will be applied towards your total amount and if your tattoo if 100% detail hand drawn - 50% of the total price of your tattoo is required at least 3 weeks before your appointment (unless scheduled earlier, the details are to be discussed between artist and client). Artwork fee to be applied.

"Can you draw me a custom artwork of my tattoo before I book an appointment?"

No unless it is paid for. The artwork is being worked on digitally once the appointment is booked with a deposit, and drawn with an original art per compensated request. Frequently returning/reliable clients are subject of exception.

"How do I need to prepare for my first tattoo?"
First and foremost, do not stress. Bring food and water/juice/soda for longer sessions - you don't want your blood sugar to lower causing you lightheaded feeling and potential faiting. Do not drink alcohol the night before your tattoo and do not plan to party hard for a few+ days after your session. Do not plan to swim or do a real heavy cardio workouts. Do not plan on tanning for a bit, let the tattoo heal well and safely. You will be provided with an aftercare sheet to guide you and a contact number for any questions and concerns. You are in great hands.

"I'm underage, but my parents are okay for me to get a tat. Will you do it for me?"
State of Indiana  allows such procedure for minors over 16 years old. I will do it only when your parents are present at your tattoo session and have 2 documents with their identity proved in attendance of a notary.


"I have 100 of my local friends to spread the word. Can you do a free artwork for my band's cover?"
Oh absolutely! As a favor to be returned I'll just ask you to regulate my car payment for that month :)

"How long should I expect my artwork/portrait to be completed after my inquiry?"
Mostly you will see it when you come for your appointment. My portfolio should give you a good idea of what to expect. If you have ideas or samples of what you like, please email them directly - that way I will have a better idea of what you are looking for to get done.

"I don't have cash money now but need artwork now. Do you take credit cards?"
I do not at the moment. I do take  Zelle and Venmo.

Any other questions?
Feel free to contact me any time, I'll be glad to answer your inquiry!

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